2021-06-21 GEECT Conference "Remembrance of Things to Come - Film School Archives" - Westminster Film School (WFS), London, UK


Remembrance of Things to Come: Re-imagining the Past and Constructing the Future in the Film School Archive

The conference aims to explore why we should keep archives of student work and what makes this work interesting and important, and also how best to archive, sharing best practice from Film Schools and from the wider world of moving image preservation, restoration and distribution. So, if you have something to share about either the technical aspects of archiving and preservation, or about the historical, cultural and social importance of film school archives, we would love to hear from you.

Peter Hort, University of Westminster


Download: GEECT_Conference_2021_-_Remembrance_of_Things_to_Come_-_Film_School_Archives.v2_.pdf

Attached videos:


Westminster University, GEECT Conference
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