ARTE New Documentary on Climate Change - Call for Contributions

Film your own (corner of) paradise/oasis!


It’s a place that makes you happy. It’s in Europe. In this special paradise, the nature is unique, precious; it is the place that means the most to you.  You would hate to see it disappear…

A beachfront, a forest, a piece of land, a small city garden, a snowy peak. A landscape. The land of your ancestors, or a place that only belongs to you, one of your own discoveries.

Climate change could destroy this place. You know what we are talking about: rising seas, torrential rains, heat waves. Plants and animals/ Fauna and flora may have already disappeared/are already missing.

Film this place, fight for it, and share your experience! Participate to a documentary created by 47 European countries! It will air on television during the 21st UN climate conference (COP21) that will take place in Paris at the end of 2015.

The Franco-German TV channel Arte gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard by those who rule the world.


Film a 2 to 3 minutes video with your smartphone, your tablet or with a camera.

Do not hesitate to get on stage, alone or with your friends, your family, a noteworthy inhabitant of this place, an animal, a plant.

Answer to these questions

- Where are you? Who are you?

- Why do you like this place?

- A special happy moment there?

- What is threatening this place?

- What about you? What do you do to protect the environment?

And, at the end:

- What message do you want to send to the COP21 negotiators?

Good to know:

In December France will welcome the 21st international conference on climate change, called “Paris Climat 2015” or Cop21. The aim is to bring states to a common decision concerning the reduction of greenhouse gases in order to maintain global warming less than 2 degrees. If no action is taken, global warming could reach 6 degrees by 2100.

Do not hesitate to send your own pictures or videos, which could display different seasons or catastrophes that may have impacted on this place. Do not add music, we are in charge!

Drawing of someone looking for a video on his phone.


Upload your video on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. You can also use Wetransfer. Copy-paste your video URL and fill the form.

Drawing of a form.

This is your story we are talking about, your life. Be poetic, passionate, combative, show your treasure to all Europeans. Talk about it, share, the more you will be, the better you will be heard!



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ARTE New Documentary
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