2014-11-06 Teaching Documentary I - GEECT Conference, NFS/USW, Cardiff, UK

The two-day GEECT Teaching Documentary Conference, organised by the Newport Film School, UK, in cooperation with ZeLIG, Italy, took place at the AtrIUM, University of South Wales, Cardiff, Wales, UK. Each morning was given over to presentations by keynote speakers, and in both afternoons delegates were able to participate in an hour's intensive discussion with these speakers, before moving on to a second session of their choice.

All of the presentations were recorded and transcribed, as were the majority of the discussions (some sections are missing due to technical issues). Audio and lighting are variable, but all the sessions have been transcribed. Occasional words / sentences are missing, if anyone is able to decipher these, please send an email to

The conference programme includes profiles and descriptions of presenters and delegates.

Please note that permission for the presentations and discussions to be recorded was with the strict limitation that these would only be available to members of the CILECT network, so please do not repost or upload these materials on the net.

The organisers are grateful to GEECT, CILECT, BBC Wales, National Film & TV School (UK), the Bertha Foundation, NAHEMI and the University of South Wales for their support.

CILECT warmly thanks the organisers: John Burgan (NFS-USW) & Heidi Gronauer (ZeLIG)


Download: 2014-11-06_Teaching_Documentary_-_GEECT_Conference,_NFS-USW,_Cardiff,_UK_-_Final_Report.pdf
Download: TD_00_Intro.pdf
Download: TD_01_Mandy_Rose.pdf
Download: TD_01a_Mandy_Rose_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_02_Paul_Pauwels.pdf
Download: TD_02a_Paul_Pauwels_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_03_Mark_Atkin.pdf
Download: TD_03a_Mark_Atkin_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_04_Charlie_Phillips.pdf
Download: TD_04a_Charlie_Phillips_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_05_Arne_Bro.pdf
Download: TD_05a_Arne_Bro_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_05b_Arne_Bro_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_06_Niels_Pagh_Andersen.pdf
Download: TD_06a_Niels_Pagh_Andersen_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_06b_Niels_Pagh_Andersen_discussion.pdf
Download: TD_Best_Kept_Secrets_01.pdf
Download: TD_Best_Kept_Secrets_02.pdf


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