2014-10-13 Pre-Visualization - Chapman University, Los Angeles, USA

The conference theme - Pre-Visualization - was defined as the conceptual and practical process involved in translating the written story to images. It is an essential part of the visual creation process and it applies across a wide range of disciplines such as narrative film, animation, and television. It is also a process that is taught in some form or another in many film programs in the world. Finally, the different presentations on this theme led to some stimulating discussions among the members about the various approaches to film and even the very nature of the filmmaking process itself. Aesthetic debates were encouraged and stimulated and special attention was devoted to the discussions between proponents of a cinema in which the movie is conceived in the pre-visualization process and a cinema in which the movie is conceived through the process of shooting the film. 

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Pre-Visualization, Gil Zimmerman, Daniel Gregoire, Abigail Severance, Mirko Lampert, Stanislav Semerdjiev, Luiz Dantas, Joseph Pitchhadze, Michael Kowalski, Herman Van Eyken, Christian Guillon, Manuel José Damásio, Louise Harvey, Naoko Otani
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