UL AGRFT, Slovenia - International One-Minute Play Contest for Students

Open Call for Submissions

Who can apply:

Any author with a student status during the 2018/19 academic year is eligible to participate in the contest. Each contestant can submit only one one-minute play, not exceeding one page in length (A4 format).

The Jury will read through all submissions and will select five winning plays. Previously produced or published shorts are allowed, and the topic can be chosen freely. The one-minute play can be a student’s independently written piece or a piece written under academic mentorship. No monologues.  

How to apply:

To apply, submit your one-minute play to:

Please submit your one-minute play both in the language in which it was originally written, and translated into English.

Please also make sure you indicate your name, postal address and e-mail contact, as well as your University. This information should be provided on a separate, cover page, since the plays will be judged by the Jury anonymously.

Submission Period: March 1st – May 31st, 2019

The winners will be announced online on July 1st 2019. Check for results here:


First Prize – € 500,

Second Prize – € 400,

Third Prize – € 300  


Two additional prizes of € 100 each.

The winning plays will be published in their original languages as well as in English and Slovenian on on October 1st 2019.

UL AGRFT will also organize a public reading of the winning plays in collaboration with theSlovenian National Theatre Festival. This event is planned for the second half of October, 2019.


The Jury:

The Jury will consist of members of UL AGRFT, Department of Dramaturgy and Performing Arts. Each member is a specialist of a specific field of study:

Assist. Prof. Blaž Lukan (Dramaturgy and Theatre Review)

Assoc. Prof. Tomaž Toporišič (Dramaturgy and History of Drama)

Assoc. Prof. Aldo Milohnić (History of Theatre and Anthropology of Theatre)

Assoc. Prof. Barbara Orel (Performance Studies)

and master students of Dramaturgy and Performing Arts:

Katja Markič

Kaja Novosel

Mojca Podlesek

Jakob Ribič


The purpose of the contest is to promote dramatic writing and to bring together theatre and drama schools that teach and develop playwriting. The contest is initiated and organized by the Chair of Playwriting, led by Assoc. Prof. Žanina Mirčevska, playwriting professor at UL AGRFT.

For further information on the One-Minute Play Contest please visit the official website: or contact 

Download: One-Minute_Plays-Contest_Eng._.pdf
Download: UL_AGRFT_1_Minute_Play_Contest.pdf


International One-Minute Play Contest for Students
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