It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the extraordinary life and achievements of Norman Hollyn, who died suddenly last weekend. Norman was a highly regarded film editor and long serving professor at the University of Southern California (USC), one of the world’s leading film schools and a prominent CILECT member institution. 


Norman Hollyn was held in the highest esteem by his colleagues for his work as a film and sound editor, teacher, curriculum innovator, and the author of two excellent books that are first choice texts around the world: The Film Editing Room Handbook, and The Lean Forward Moment: Telling Better Stories for Film, TV, and the Web.


Beyond his considerable professional achievements, Norman was one of the most generous, warm, and encouraging people imaginable, qualities that endeared him to students and formed the basis of the many friendships he had across the membership of CILECT. He was curious, passionate, and wise, and always at the heart of both the serious business and the social interactions that characterize CILECT gatherings. 


Norman Hollyn was larger than life, and he will always be with us. We honor Norman's achievements, his spirit, and his memory in everything we strive to do for the aspiring filmmakers who pass through our schools and extend deepest sympathy to our colleagues at USC and UFVA, and to Norman’s family. 


Prof. Bruce Sheridan, President CILECT

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Executive Director CILECT  

The CILECT Executive Council


Norman Hollyn
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