International Short Film Festival Duemila30

Duemila30 is an International Short Film Festival for High School and University students, focused on the UN 2030 Agenda and organized in Milan in collaboration with UNric.

During the First Edition more than 50 young filmmakers coming from all over the world (some of them even from Kenya, India and Venezuela) took part. They had the chance to attend three days of educational activities, workshops and networking events with movie industry's experts. The Film For Our Future network of film festivals was also founded, dedicated to the promotion of the UN message through cinema (you can find more information on all of this on our website:

The Second Edition of the festival is taking place in Milan in September 2019. The Italian Ministries of Education and of Cultural Heritage are supporting the festival and a completely new section is added (Ambassadors) dedicated to high school students interested in learning how to promote social impact movies and in understanding cinema's power in spreading the UN message. This year, the workshops will be dedicated to the production of short ads promoting the SDGs (Directors program) and the ideation of events aimed at raising awareness on the 2030 Agenda (Ambassadors). 

Download: Duemila30-announcement.pdf

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