Challenges of Doctoral Supervision - 24-25.09.2019, Stuttgart

The ELIA team would like to invite you to the event Challenges of Doctoral Supervision, held in Stuttgart on 24-25 of September 2019. Are you a student, a supervisor, a university leader, involved in policymaking or simply interested in discussing doctoral supervision? Then this event is made for you!

Hosted by State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart, the event is the first one organized in the frame of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates, which produces intellectual, ready-to-use outputs for those involved in doctoral supervision across all artistic disciplines. The event Challenges of Doctoral Supervision sets the basis of the first project phase Setting the framework, and focuses on two strands:

• Mind Mapping Supervision

• Ethics in Art, Ethics in Supervision, Ethics in Artistic Research

Challenges of Doctoral Supervision attracts a number of stakeholders in the field of arts education. In order to establish a holistic approach to the issue of challenges in the supervising process, the event engages a discussion among representatives of the triangular doctoral framework, namely PhD students, supervisors and institutions. The program is developed around this triangulation, including a panel discussion on the three perspectives moderated by Kerstin Mey, interactive workshops around the two strands and lunch table talks to share thoughts and experiences.

Designed and organized in conjunction with the ELIA Academy, the event creates a unique, lifelong experience for academic and research staff, where emerging teaching and learning practices in the arts are explored.

The capacity for this event is limited, so hurry up and sign up here!

Download: Challenges_of_Doctoral_Supervision.pdf

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Challenges of Doctoral Supervision
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