Montecatini International Short Film Festival 2019 - 20-24.10.2019, Montecatini Terme

The 70th edition of the Montecatini International Short Film Festival will be held from 20 to 24 October 2019 in Montecatini Terme, where it originated in 1949.

The Festival, over time, has dedicated itself not only to the selection and screening of the films in competition, but to the formation of its own "audience" and to the annual activities of training in film language, criticism and review of the films in competition, at the " experiential training ", making documentary films and short films with secondary schools, high schools and Institutes in Tuscany (zero-cost operations for schools).

Thanks to the collaboration with various European and International Festivals, MISFF has participated in Bandi della Comunità Europa, obtaining positive feedback and funding in partnership with other Festivals.

In partnership with the Avanca Film Festival (Portugal) and with 5 other international bodies we have won another European call for proposals which will be launched in 2020.

Without specific funding, we wanted to dedicate this special edition of our festival to the protection of tangible and intangible heritage of the Community of Montecatini Terme.

The 70th MISFF wants to launch an ambitious and far-sighted manifesto with strong motivations to influence and encourage young generations to build bridges all over the world, operating on fundamental issues for the entire humanity.

The "HERITAGE OF MONTECATINI TERME" Project is being expanded and, although it starts from the local area, shows the ambition of being, from the start, European, setting itself as a model to unite the Cinema to safeguard the heritage as an asset for all. During the Festival, our social work will be this: highlight, select, collect the contents, record them and communicate them locally and around the world. An important experience not only for practical aspects (Campus and Workshops, filming and editing), but for the scope and international scope. At the end the Project will be exportable on a European scale.

To satisfy the strategic activities of related innovative training an international experiential Campus was organized, structured as an operational workshop to be completed within the days of the Festival (Collage Heritage), a creative movement, a space-time continuum of people, settings, movie sets , within a community, where the moment is suspended between fiction and reality

The Campus dedicated to the Registration Heritage European Project will be operational from 21st to 24th October but well before that the activities that allow us to adequately prepare the project and the involvement of students, project partners, will be prepared, inviting Schools and Universities to be part of it.

Mentors and tutors of international importance and experience, renowned Film Academics, such as Javier Venturi, Carlos Cohelo Costa, Alfonso Palazon, Antonio Costa Valente, Roberto Valdes will be able to support the students and guide them in the Projects exhibition, train them through the Masterclasses to expand the their experiences and get them used to confronting themselves in the international arena.

Participation in the Masterclasses and Meetings, in the Campus Workshops is optional and depends on how long the students want to devote to these insights.

The same experiential line applies to Pitching "The Authors Day" whose results will be presented on October 21st and evaluated in collaboration with other Festivals, production and distribution companies.

The presentation of the film projects to our pitching must have the characteristics and a precise standard professionally structured by the young filmmakers, by the authors and students of the universities. This approach will be supported and enhanced by the organization, by Tutors and Mentors who will facilitate contacts with companies and people already included in the international cinema showcase.

The activity "Make a movie in Tuscany" (October 21-24), is reserved for those who are already familiar with the shots, with shooting in general, allows instead to run the young filmmakers a project on the Tuscan territory with the help of the figures already mentioned above, who with their experience will make themselves totally available to the participants.

The advantages for schools and partner universities are many and obvious, the longevity of the festival (from 1949 to the present, 70 years of love and passion for cinema) contributes to its reputation and that of the connected partners. These advantages are added to the experience of those who lead and preside over the Festival: a valid combination of organizational structure and personal and professional experiences nourishes the International Network with stable professional and human relationships.

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