2020-03-13 Immersive Filmmaking - CNA Workshop, American University, Washington DC, USA


Discuss how the theory of cinematography and montage of immersive filmmaking differs from traditional filmmaking.


About this Event

Immersive filmmaking is a newly emerging and exciting artform. It borrows from live theatre, cinema, animation, and video games design. This new artform requires a new language, which develops new grammar, uses new technologies, and enables a new, interactive, immersive mode of storytelling. 

Because of the technical novelty and associated high production costs, and, sometimes, unjustified worries that immersive filmmaking will eliminate traditional cinema, filmmakers are often hesitant to try this new form to tell their stories. At American University, we democratize immersive filmmaking by creating tools, technologies and practices that make it possible to create immersive experiences on a budget. The aim of the workshop is to share our developments with our CILECT members and discuss how the theory of cinematography and montage of immersive filmmaking differs from traditional filmmaking.


Day 1: Video 360

Participants will learn the best practices in staging, lighting, blocking, recording, stitching, and editing 360 videos for a passive virtual reality experience. This portion of the workshop will be introductory and assumes the participants have no experience with 360 cameras. 


Day 2: Volumetric Filmmaking

Participants will delve into the design of the interactive immersive experience, from recording volumetric captures (so-called “holograms”) of actors at a low cost, without access to volumetric capture studio, This approaches uses photogrammetry to create realistic 3D models of props and sets, design and set up interactive virtual reality scenes, and deploy the resulting experience to a virtual reality and augmented reality headset. We will also discuss what awaits us in the future, with Artificial Reality Continuum (ARC) technologies engaging all senses.


Workshop Director 

Krzysztof Pietroszek, Founder of the IDEAS Lab, American University

Dr. Pietroszek is an Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Arts Division of the School of Communication at American University in Washington, DC. He is also the Founding Director of Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications and Stories Lab (IDEAS Lab). His research interests include designing and studying immersive narratives, games for change, and understanding montage techniques in virtual, mixed and augmented reality. He is also interested in using XR to transform film and theatre into a new, hybrid, participatory art form.

To date, Dr. Pietroszek shot five short films ("Agape","Daniel","Eve","Greenscreen", "Vera"), produced an award-winning feature film ("Waiting for Summer"), created a transmedia experience ("Vera"), developed several video games (the first one as a 12 year old), published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, hitch-hiked 30,000 miles, and backpacked in over 60 countries.

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Immersive Filmmaking - CNA Workshop
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