Financial Support Rules 2017-2018


The T-QEMs are events that are initiated by and held at CILECT Full Member schools and provide new knowledge and/or practical experience of pedagogical/research methodologies and/or teaching tools for CILECT teachers. CILECT may allocate financial support of maximum 8 000 Euro per project which may cover travel costs and/or hotel accommodation of the invited guest lecturer(s). The final decision is taken by the CILECT Executive Council. The final decision is taken by the CILECT Executive Council.


T-QEMs will be supported on a pro rata basis including two components:

A. Regional Representation, i.e. not more than one T-QEM per region may be supported ANNUALLY.
B Thematic Representation, i.e. not more than one T-QEM may be supported ANNUALLY in any of the five fields:

  • Content Creation
  • Aesthetical Performance
  • Technological Innovation
  • Platform Development
  • Management & Communication



TIRP is a fee-waiver program for teachers from Full Member schools who wish to participate in events that happen at other Full Member schools, in a CILECT region different from theirs.A priority is given to T-QEMs. The total amount of fee waivers is up to 4 000 Euro per event. The program works in three steps.

Step 1: Before the event starts the host school announces its desire to invite teachers from other CILECT regions.

Step 2: Teachers who wish to participate in the event apply to the Executive Director for fee-waivers. Each Full Member school may receive only one fee waiver per event, on the “first come - first serve” basis.

Step 3: After the event is over the host school presents to the Executive Director a report of it (including the list of actual participants) and gets the respective reimbursement (provided the documents are accurate).



The S-QEMs are exchanges between Full Member schools in which students collaborate on any type of innovative creative activities that are not supported by other financing programs. A school cannot use such a grant more than once in the biennial period. The amount allocated may cover travel costs of the students. For this type of activities CILECT may allocate travel costs’ support of up to 5 000 Euro per project. The final decision is taken by the CILECT Executive Council.


All requests for support should be addressed to CILECT Executive Director Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev by e- mail at:


(voted by the CILECT GA’2004)

  1. The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number. Since the funds CILECT operates within are limited, an important criterion for support is the extent to which the activity will have an impact on the maximum number of members.
  2. The Multiplier Effect. Long-term effect activities are preferable to those that have short-term or transient effect.
  3. Economic Efficiency. To ensure that CILECT contributions are efficiently and properly spent a complete budget should always accompany funding requests, and spending of the respective funds should thoroughly be accounted for.
  4. Leverage Funding. Even a modest contribution sometimes can attract additional support, so leverage funding is also an efficient way of expanding the impact of CILECT’s limited resources.
  5. Dissemination of Results. In a number of cases and due to different reasons, members with an interest in a particular activity may not be able to participate. Therefore, CILECT supported activities should provide substantive reports, so that the entire membership could be able to profit in some or another way.
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