Tallinna Ülikooli Balti filmi, meedia ja kunstide instituut

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Tallinn University

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Basic facts

Complete Name and Acronym (in original language):
Tallinna Ülikooli Balti filmi, meedia ja kunstide instituut
Complete Name and Acronym (in English language):
Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Tallinn University
Year of Foundation:
Year of Admission as CILECT Member:
Year of Receiving a State Accreditation:
Agency (-ies) Who Awarded the State Accreditation:
University of Tallinn, Audentes International University, Nordic
Name of Director:
Birgit Vilgats
Address :
Narva mnt 27, Tallinn, 10120

Mission & Strategy

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University welcomes qualified international students from around the world to apply for our study programmes taught in English.
Around 120 students from 40 different countries worldwide studies here each semester. BFM has over 40 partner universities in Europe and Asia. We offer a truly exciting mix of cultures that creates an invaluable professional network for your later career.
At BFM we believe in learning by doing. Our focus is on professional hands-on training designed for international careers in the world’s rapidly growing audiovisual and media industry. We await all active and creative students, who wish to apply themselves in the exiting world of audio visual arts, communication and media.
Our study programmes have been compiled in a way that in a few years, you will obtain both the theoretical basic knowledge as well as varied practical skills. All study programmes value internships and collaborative projects, which will give you an insight to the industry and the possibility to gather social capital both in Estonia and abroad, while still at the university.
BFM is equipped with modern video and sound equipment, we have our own TV studio, sound studios, an editing centre and a film studio. We provide students with free shooting and post-production equipment, studio space and production support for their creative works, supervised by established professionals from the audiovisual industry. BFM building houses Estonia’s frst 4K cinema hall in addition, BFM is home to Estonian Digital Centre, which offers post-production services


Sources of financing

Percentage of the Total
State Funds:
Public Funds:
Private Funds:
Students’ Fees:
Sales of School Product:
Rentals of Premises/Facilities/Equipment/Services:

Types of financing

Percentage of the Total
In-Kind :

Degree areas

Audiovisual Media (Bachelor of Arts (3 years), Full-Time)
Crossmedia in Film and Television (Bachelor of Arts (3 years), Full-Time)
Digital Learning Games (Master (2 years), Full-Time)
JMD Film Arts (Master of Arts (2 years), Full-Time)

Non-degree courses

Basic Short Courses
(for students with a high Institution diploma ONLY):
Post-Graduate Training
(for students with a B.A degree):
Post-Graduate Training
(for students with an M.A or M.F.A. degree):
Advanced Training of Professionals:

Student incentives


Professors (incl. Full, Associate & Adjunct):
Teaching Assistants:
Industry Professionals:
Administrative Staff:
Technical Staff:

Facilities, equipment & production


Library & Film/DVD Archive:

Number of Volumes

Technical Facilities:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*30 sq.m.

Camera Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 3*Canon EOS 6D, 5*ARRI D21

Editing Stations :

Number and Type
Example: 2*AVID

Sound Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Sennheiser Mic

Visual Effects Stations:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Apple iMac

Production Design Equipment:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*20 sq.m.

Total Annual Production:


International research/creative/pedagogical collaboration

Kino Eyes
Three Layers of telling a story

Strategic alliances with the industry

Estonian Movie Database
Estonian Digital Centre
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal
New reseaScreen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh/ Napier University, UK

Past successful graduates

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