CILECT Conferences

CILECT CONFERENCES are annual forums which have served as an inspiration to many CILECT members throughout the years. They are usually organised around one or more central theme(s) judged to be of concern to the membership as a whole. Most often they are dedicated to specific methodological or practical aspects of teaching in any of the major fields of the profession: producing, distribution, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, set & costume design, music & sound design, acting, theory & history, etc. Sometimes they concentrate on topics that apply to all of these fields, such as the impact of digital technologies on all curricula; or the teaching of creativity; or production for children; etc. At other times they focus on specific areas, such as teaching documentary, animation or new media; the joint training of producers, directors and screenwriters; the tool of pre-visualization, etc. Finally, they could be centered on the development of the association as a whole through a detailed assessment of all its projects.

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