GEECT Call for conferences and events

Thematic Meetings 2022 – Physical or Online

The GEECT board welcomes the submissions of proposals for our next thematic meetings – either in physical or online format – to be held in 2022 on any topic relevant for the membership and to the advancement of the state of the art in our field. Submissions should be 500 words max. and include the following items:

Target audience
Description and proposed program

Remember, thematic meetings are short one day events dedicated to specific topics relevant for the membership that should include original opportunities for debate, reflection and knowledge sharing. GEECT will contribute with 1000 euros to support any organizational costs. Travelling and accommodation expenses (if applicable) are not support by the organization. Besides GEECT support, funded schools can also apply for CILECT funding for the same event.

Deadline: November 30th, 2021 for proposals for Thematic Meetings in 2022.

Considering the current context and the recent experience of our first online seminar, the board believes these meetings are an excellent opportunity for all members to interact and discuss strategies to cope with the challenges and opportunities the current crisis entails. Please send us your proposals!

Submit your Application in time and send it to the GEECT BOARD c/o:


Conference – Open call spring 2022 – Deadline October 28th, 2021

We urge members to apply and propose relevant and engaging events that can help in improving our schools, better train our teachers and staff, and further enhance the overall quality of our work.

We are open to proposals for events in different formats, such as conferences, training the trainers activities or workshops. Besides GEECT support, funded schools can also apply for CILECT funding for the same event. Please note that GEECT is raising its financial contribution to a maximum of € 15.000 per event.

Deadline is: October 28th for proposals for the 2022 Spring conference. Please send us your proposals!

If your school is interested in hosting a conference and wants to apply for GEECT conference support, then please read the Application Form.

Submit your Application in time and send it to the GEECT BOARD c/o:



Please read following extra information and guidelines regarding GEECT conferences.

The GEECT BOARD will (usually) send two calls for GEECT Conferences each year.

Every call will have a strict deadline, and all member schools in good standing can compete. (Sometimes 2 or 3 GEECT Schools have joined forces; so that is also possible, but one school will take the project lead and receive the money on its account).

The GEECT BOARD decides who will get the financial support, up to an amount of money that was approved in the (by majority vote accepted) “budget 2019-2020” during the biannual GEECT Regional Association Members Meeting (Mumbai). For more info please go in the menu to DOCUMENTS where you can read the Minutes of the GEECT Members Meetings (and the Minutes of the GEECT BOARD Meetings. (You can also contact the Chair of GEECT for more detailed information.)

We urge you to keep in mind that we make a CALL for an event that first of all is clearly labelled as a GEECT EVENT: a GEECT event should always primarily invite people/delegates from our GEECT MEMBER SCHOOLS as participants.

The number of participants can vary from 30 to 60 people or more.

We recommend that the hosting school asks participants to pay a REGISTRATION FEE (Between 250 and 600 Euro, but on average around 400 Euro; example: if the hosting school invites 50 GEECT people and asks them to pay 400 Euro then that sums up to 20.000 Euro). GEECT Schools are used to this and usually expect that this Registration Fee covers:  ACCOMODATION (HOTEL) + A NUMBER OF MEALS (participants are informed about what they can expect) + LOCAL TRANSPORTATION (from Airport to the Hotel for instance).

Participants from GEECT pay their own travelling to the CITY of the Conference.

A GEECT Conference can be open to other attendees (and observers) who don’t belong to a member school if they pay a non-subsidized registration fee that will be at least 25% more expensive than the subsidized registration fee for GEECT members, and as long as at least half of the participating group comes from GEECT member schools.

Each GEECT member school can send 2 participants to attend the Conference with the subsidized fee. Extra participants from that school will also pay the same more expensive non-subsidized registration fee as guests from non-member schools.

CILECT offers a limited number of FEE WAIVERS to some CILECT guests from other regions (CAPA, CARA, CIBA or CNA) (“first-come first-served”). For more info please contact the Executive Director of CILECT.

A GEECT CONFERENCE PROPOSAL should be written according to the format.

GEECT will pay 50% of its financial support before the conference starts, and the remaining percentage after the conference ended and when the feedback enquiry is finished, and/or when announced dissemination materials (publications, AUDIO/VIDEO registrations of the event, etc.) are distributed and/or uploaded on the CILECT website.

Submit your Application in time and send it to the Chair of GEECT, Manuel Damásio.,  Chair of GEECT.




Download: application_form.doc

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GEECT Call for conferences and events
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