DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium - 25-26 November 2022, Dalarna Audiovisual Academy (DAVA), Sweden

Call for Extended Abstracts
DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium: Exploring and Redefining the Audiovisual Experience
25-26 November 2022, Dalarna Audiovisual Academy (DAVA), Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden
Extended deadline to the 1st of October 2022 (1/10-2022).

The DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium sits at the heart of DAVAMOT (25–26 November), a festival for everything audiovisual, exploring and redefining the audiovisual experience. DAVAMOT is a film festival, exhibition for audiovisual art and audiovisual installations, a music festival, and a symposium on the audiovisual phenomenon, all the above combined into a meeting, or mot in Old Norse.

DAVAMOT also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the "Media House" in Falun. Since 2002, the school has been the place for a unique academic environment that combines audiovisual research, education and art. With a sound studio, TV studio, radio studio, sound lab, editing rooms and a dedicated cinema, the Media House is an audiovisual laboratory for new knowledge and new expressions.

The DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium explores what characterises the research, education and practice of audiovisual studies. Research areas described with the adjective audiovisual sprawl into a wide range of areas, in the humanities, social sciences, arts and technology. The term describes a phenomenon that combines image and sound, such as film, computer games, video art, and writing for the screen and audio. Despite the impact of audiovisual products and services on society, the field of audiovisual studies remains under-developed.

The DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium invites contributions – both extended abstracts and works – from scholar, artistic, or scientific studies on the audiovisual phenomenon, this includes related academic disciplines such as film studies, poetics of screenwriting and screenplays, musicology, music, visual arts, performing arts, design, cultural studies, organisation, marketing, informatics, media technology, audio design, and interaction design including new audiovisual instruments for musical expressions. The symposium resides in the intersection of interdisciplinary research on audiovisuality.

We hereby invite you to contribute to the symposium with an extended abstract, three to five pages including the references or 1500 – 2000 words, before the 1st of September October 2022 (1/10-2022).

Submit your contribution to  <> In conjunction with the extended abstract you may contribute works to the exhibition (25–26th November) <>, the audiovisual music festival (25th November) <>, and the film festival (26th November) <>, and.
Please indicate which extended abstract your work is coupled with.

Authors of accepted proposal can resubmit revised texts after the symposium for a peer–reviewed online publication.

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DAVAMOT Audiovisual Symposium
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