Corresponding Membership Candidacy Rules


3.1.7. Corresponding Members are Rectors (Deans/Heads/Directors) of training institutions that do not fulfil the criteria to become Full Members.


3.2.19. Rectors (Deans/Heads/Directors) of training institutions wishing to become Corresponding Members may be granted such status by the Executive Council under the provision of 3.1.7. They should apply to the Executive Director submitting all the documents required in 3.2.1, i.e.: evidence of official accreditation from the relevant educational agency which has been awarded at least five years before applying for membership; a detailed list of the sources of financial support; a detailed list of all degrees, certificates or other academic awards and acknowledgements of study that are awarded; a detailed description of all curricula in all specialisations by degree; a detailed description of all facilities and equipment available for students; a detailed list of the teaching staff members, their fields of professional specialisation, and their training, qualifications and achievements; a list of at least twenty graduates, detailing their fields of professional specialisation, and their achievements demonstrating the success of the school in training to a professional level; prospectuses, brochures, statements of school mission and philosophy, etc. They should also add: a plan for aligning their institution with the requirements for Full Membership; a detailed personal CV.

3.2.20. In case the requirements outlined in 3.2.19 are met, the Executive Director presents the application to the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall either reject the application or grant the status of Corresponding Member to the applicant. Any such decision is final. It shall be formally reported to the next General Assembly.

3.2.21. In case the Executive Council grants the status of Corresponding Member, the respective individuals can hold that status until the school they represent is admitted as Candidate Member. In no case this period can be longer than six years. Such individuals lose the said status if they leave their positions at the respective schools. Their successors do not obtain the said status automatically but need to apply for it under the provision of 3.2.19.

NB: Corresponding Membership applications are reviewed permanently.

CILECT Corresponding Membership Annual Fee is 80 Euro.

Apllication Form can be downloaded from the CILECT website. It MUST be sent by email to:

Prof.Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Executive Director CILECT, 

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