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Bournemouth University

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Bournemouth University
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Bournemouth University
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Karl Rawstrone
Address :
Fern Barrow, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5BB
United Kingdom

Mission & Strategy

Founded in 1992, the Department of Media Production sits within the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. The faculty is the largest centre of professionally-based media Higher Education in the UK. It offers a wide and growing range of academic and professional programmes, recognised and valued by the creative industries. The Department of Media Production is collaborative, creative and industry- focused. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning as they develop the intellectual, aesthetic and professional capabilities that aspiring media practitioner creatives need.
Faculty staff fuse professional backgrounds with practice, research and consultancy and the diversity of talent in our staffing enables vibrant dialogues with the student body encouraging them to take creative risks and innovate beyond current conventions. Courses are practice led, and solidly underpinned by theory and critical reflection with encouragement for industry relevant placement opportunities for students.


Sources of financing

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Types of financing

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Degree areas

BA Film (Bachelor of Arts, Full-Time)
BA Media Production (Bachelor Of Arts, Full-Time)
BA Scriptwriting (Bachelor of Arts, Full-Time)
BA Television Production (Bachelor of Arts, Full-Time)
MA Cinematography (Master of Arts (1 Year), Full-Time)
MA Directing (Master of Arts (1 Year), Full-Time)
MA Post Production Editing (Master of Arts (1 Year), Full-Time)
MA Producing (Masters, Full-Time)
MA Scriptwriting (Masters, Full-Time)
MA Sound Design (Master of Arts (1 Year), Full-Time)

Non-degree courses

Student incentives


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Administrative Staff:
Technical Staff:

Key teaching staff (Tenure Staff and/or Industry Professionals)

Facilities, equipment & production


Library & Film/DVD Archive:

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Technical Facilities:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*30 sq.m.

Camera Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 3*Canon EOS 6D, 5*ARRI D21

Editing Stations :

Number and Type
Example: 2*AVID

Sound Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Sennheiser Mic

Visual Effects Stations:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Apple iMac

Production Design Equipment:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*20 sq.m.

Total Annual Production:


International research/creative/pedagogical collaboration

New research

Strategic alliances with the industry

BAFTA albert education partnership
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