Key Teaching Staff

Elinor Kowarsky

School: Sam Spiegel Film and Television School Jerusalem (JSFS)
Field of Teaching: Head of Production Studies
Website Reference:
Major Achievements: Creator and producer of documentary films. Graduate of the Tel Aviv University in Philosophy and Art Studies. In 2002 became a partner in Eden Productions, founded in 1989 by Edna Kowarsky.

Specializes in producing documentaries dealing in social, political, and historical subjects. For more than two years she has acted as an artistic consultant to the documentary department in Reshet Broadcasting.

Among her works:
No. 17 (2003)
A Hebrew Lesson (2006)
Ha'agada Al Nicolai Ve'chok Ha'shvut (2008)
Motarot (2011)
IDF: The Musical (2004)
Checkpoint (2003)
Nine Stars Hotel (2006)
Kirvat Dam (2010)
Women/Pioneers (2013)
Precious Life (2010)
Hitler's Children (2011)
Baderech Habayta (2009)

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