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Annabelle Pangborn

School: Northern Film School / Leeds Beckett University (NFS/LBU)
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Major Achievements: Annabelle Pangborn trained as a musician and composer at the London College of Music, and as a filmmaker at the Royal College of Art. She has worked extensively in film and television as a composer and sound designer on award winning drama, documentary, dance film and experimental animation. Collaborations include work with Penny Woolcock (The Death of Klinghoffer) Sarah Turner (Cut, London Birds Can’t Fly), Beeban Kidron (Alice Through The Looking Glass; Murder) Simon Pummell (Secret Joy; Temptation of Sainthood; Butcher’s Hook;) and Ilya Khrzhanovskiy (DAU). She is also a writer and has produced films through her own production company and released through Columbia Tri Star (Stung, dir. S. Williams) and the BFI (Once Seen, dir. S. Williams).

Annabelle’s research focuses on the theatre of haptics and performative narratives alongside a developing study of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and the textural power of the human voice.

She has been a guest speaker and consultant for the School of Sound in London, Europe and Asia. She was formerly Head of Editing, Sound and Music progressing and Head of Full Time Curriculum at the National Film and Television School, UK. She has taught throughout Europe and America including ifs International Filmschule, Cologne; ECITV, Cuba; Binger FilmLab, Amsterdam; Porto Digital, Brazil; La Femis, Paris; NRK, Oslo; KASK University of the Arts, Ghent; and Med Film Factory, Jordan. She was appointed Director of the Northern Film School in 2017.

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