Key Teaching Staff

José Bragança de Miranda

School: Universidade Lusófona / Film and Media Arts Department (ULHT)
Field of Teaching: Performative Arts
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Major Achievements: Teacher in Universidade Lusófona in the Performative Arts degree and Film studies master and part of the ECATI board. Responsible for the Masters program in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies. Head researcher of the project "Trends on Network Culture in Portugal" (2002-2006), funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He has authored several essays and books on cultural, political and aesthetical subjects, namely: Corpo e Imagem, Annablume, São Paulo, Brasil, 2008; Envios: Uma experimentação Filosófica na Internet, Lisboa, Século XXI, 2008; O Ardor da Arte, Lisboa, Editorial Caminho, 2006; Queda sem Fim, Lisboa, Vega, 2006; Teoria da Cultura, Lisboa, Século XXI, 2002; Identidade/Identidades, Porto, ADECAP, 2002; Traços. Ensaios de Crítica da Cultura, Lisboa, Vega, 1998; Modernidade e Política, Lisboa, Colibri, 1997; Analítica da Actualidade, Lisboa, Vega, 1994.

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